International Diploma in Data, Surveillance and Democracy - Second edition

The Universidad Abierta de Recoleta, in conjunction with MIJENTE, presents the International Diploma in Data, Surveillance and Democracy – Second edition, which is composed of four courses: (i) Digital Revolution and Data Economy, (ii) Social Networks, Fake News and Democratic Crisis, (iii) Rebellion against Technology at the Service of Surveillance and (iv) Real Utopias: What do we do with digital technologies?

MIJENTE is a non-profit organization originating from Chicago, USA, being the political home for Latinos and Chicanos seeking racial, economic, gender and climate justice. Learn more about MIJENTE at this LINK.

Advances in digital technology have revolutionized the world around us. This technological revolution has changed everything from our society to transforming the economy and impacting democracies. In fact, data, our very personal and private information, is now worth more than the cost of oil and gold. 

Against this backdrop, UAR’s International Diploma in Data, Surveillance and Democracy – Second edition, in partnership with MIJENTE, critically analyzes the current state of global digital surveillance, recognizing its effects on human life. In addition, the courses that make up the Diploma include spaces, activities and multimedia materials for critical reflection on this surveillance, with international experts who share theory and praxis for counter-hegemonic action.

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Below you will find the list of courses that make up the diploma course.
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What you will learn

You will critically analyze the current state of neoliberal digital hypertrophy, recognizing its effects on human life, as well as tools for counter-hegemonic action.

Recipients and requirements

Academics, social organizers and people interested in surveillance. Minimum age: 15 years.


Since these courses are carried out remotely and asynchronously, there is no maximum number of places for them; however, blackout dates have been set to sign up for each one.


The course will be co-certified by the Universidad Abierta of Recoleta and MIJENTE, as long as the approval requirements are met.


This course has no cost of any kind for the participants.

Duration of the diploma
20 weeks, from Thursday, May 16, 2024, to Sunday, December 1, 2024
Estimated dedication time per week
6 hours.
UAR Digital.
Approval requirements
Each of the courses is certified once the respective approval is obtained.
If all courses are passed, the certification is granted.