Founded in 2018 by Mayor Daniel Jadue, the Universidad Abierta de Recoleta (UAR), was born and developed in a historical context that demanded participative and critical citizens, able to build politically democratic, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable communities. The UAR’s actions cover the areas of academics, research and outreach, carrying out unique academic programs and activities in its field, which make the UAR the first -and only- popular university in the world with communal, national and global coverage.


The Universidad Abierta de Recoleta is the first pluriversity in Chile, a concept born from social groups fighting for the recognition of cultural, historical, sexual, regional and ethno-racial differences, as well as social and grassroots movements demanding that scientific knowledge become a part of the solution to the problems that affect their lives.

In alliance with a network of national and foreign educational institutions and social organizations, the Universidad Abierta de Recoleta has positioned itself as a new cultural and intellectual pole to promote the circulation and exchange of ideas, generate critical thinking, encourage citizen participation and produce knowledge relevant to human needs. Its actions, open to all and free of charge, cover Recoleta, Chile and scores of countries around the world.